Deleting Files That Won’t Delete In Windows 10

Man frustrated with computer; yelling at it

Man frustrated with computer; yelling at itI have written before about my switch to Windows 10, and some of the challenges that posed. Recently I got another problem: files that wouldn’t delete, or move. Progress pop-ups kept “Calculating”, but not much happened. Files that I wanted to move got stuck on the final 1%.

So, off to Google to try and find solutions.

The solution proved to be very simple… renaming the file to something shorter did the trick.

Not sure why, as the paths were short enough – one of these files was in the Windows Downloads folder… but renaming the 65 characters* or so file name to something shorter worked like magic.

So no need for deleting with the Command Prompt, or in Save Mode – just renaming. Try it before trying anything else…

Hope this helps someone…

* Note:

The file with 60+ characters was a WordPress back-up file. And something must have happened (corrupted?) while downloading that, because I have no problems deleting similar files.


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