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WebsiteAndBusiness.com is a website that helps business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to start and optimize their business and website.

Websites should be an integral part of any business, in my view. Even when (aspiring) entrepreneurs don’t want to use the Internet themselves, they have to realize that their (prospective) clients and customers ARE out there – looking for them.

A huge eye-opener in this respect, maybe not to me but to the local business people that I talk to, is my website FergusPages.com. This regional website about Fergus, Elora and Belwood in Ontario, Canada has information pages, a Calendar of Events and Business Directory (for local businesses only). Traffic to the site keeps on growing, as the site is easily found in the search engines for almost anything local.

Many small, locally-oriented businesses have no idea what they are missing if they just promote themselves offline.

Nardo Kuitert: No-Nonsense Advice

Most of my life I have lived in the Netherlands, where I made a career at the record company Sony Music. But while the record industry is great (as a music junkie I often felt like being a kid in the candy store!) and the position as Financial Controller fulfilling, I did not want to lead a life of I-wish-I-had.

So, I emigrated to Fergus, Ontario, Canada. Left everything behind and moved into the great unknown. Started my own Internet consultancy U-C WEBS, which is an acronym for User-Centred Web Enabled Business Solutions. The core of this business consists of Search Engine Optimization and Usability Reviews. I created the title of “Website Optimizer” for myself.

Am I a guru? Not really. But like many Dutchies I am pragmatic, and thrifty – but not cheap! Most of my purchases and recommendations will be based on solid Returns On Investments (ROI), based on benefits.

Many people have relied on my no-nonsense advice on a wide array of topics. I know a-lot-of-things-about-a-lot-of-things, and hope to provide you with a lot of good information, tips, resources and recommendations.

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