How To Merge New Email Accounts Into General “Local Folders” (In Thunderbird)

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Recently I created a new email account into Thunderbird, and found it sitting on its own above the rest of my “Local” email folders.

This was the second Inbox showing above my Local inbox; the other one is for an IMAP email account and I thought that was why it stood on its own. (Silly me šŸ˜• )

But this one was a POP3 account… (not that that really matters, now does it).

So how to remove this extra set of folders, and group them all into one so that the incoming mail for the new account shows up inbetween all my other emails?

Well, I found the answer online:

FIRST: Make sure you move everything from the individual inboxes to the local folders, or you may lose your old emails. Do this for your Inbox, Sent, Drafts – whatever folders you already have for that email account.

Then you have to go to the menu bar, and then

  • Tools
  • Account Settings
  • Server Settings
  • Advanced (under “Message Storage”; 3/4 down the page)
    Then a pop-up appears – select the 2nd option Inbox for different account
  • Select “Global Inbox (Local Folders)”
  • Close and relaunch Thunderbird

That worked! (after relaunching Thunderbird)

And don’t forget to set each account to put sent messages and drafts into the local folders as well.

  • Tools
  • Account Settings
  • Copies & Folders
  • Select “Local Folders” for all of the options (Sent, Archives, Drafts, templates)

And that was it.

One Happy camper…

One Happy Camper




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