Mobilegeddon Revisited

Back in March (2015) I wrote about the upcoming changes in Google’s mobile algorithm. Google wants to provide relevant results (some people think they’re less altruistic, though) and a good user experience; so they think it’s a bad idea to send people to websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Creative mess - many websites not mobile-ready

So now the big deadline has passed – so what seem to have been the consequences of this Google update, dubbed “Mobilegeddon”?

According to this post, nearly 50% of non-mobile friendly URLs dropped in rank! OK – most seem to have been replaced by OTHER non-mobile-friendly URLs, but hey – they’re maybe still tweaking things? But more than 40% was replaced by either mobile-friendly pages that improved their ranking, or completely new mobile-friendly URLs.

So yes – it had a major impact, and you should check if Google thinks your website is good or bad (mobile-wise) and then take appropriate action.

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