How To Download Wistia Videos

I have bought too many online courses that disappeared a few months/years after purchasing, leaving me with nothing. So I developed the habit to download a lot of the videos that came with online courses, or at least recording the URL in case of a YouTube video.

I learned how to download Vimeo videos, YouTube and Wistia videos.

Wistia Videos Are Harder To Download

The video URLs are not always that easy to find. Luckily I found several handy videos, that I’d like to share with you:

Download Wistia Video In Under A Minute

  1. Find the embed URL in the video page’s source code (look for……..)
  2. Open up that video URL
  3. Look at the source for THAT page (add “view-source:” to the URL, or click CTRL+U)
  4. Search for .bin for the video file
  5. Open up THAT file, which you can save
    (.bin files can be played using the VLC player, or you can copy the (final) video URL, go to and convert the video into an MP4)
    (or: you can just change the .bin extension into .mp4 extension; that worked for me)

How To Download Wistia Video Without The Embed Code

Sometimes the source code won’t reveal an “embed” code.

  1. Pull up the source code for the page that shows the video
  2. Search for “async” in the source code (use CTRL+F for “search”)
  3. Behind wistia_async_………. you will find the video ID
  4. Add that video ID to the embed URL from the first video:……..
  5. From there on out, you can follow the same steps as above

Hope that helps!



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  1. I discovered a different way. None of the other techniques had worked for me. The code simply isnt there the way its expected to be written.

    I did this in Chrome so that may be why this worked for me.
    1. I play the video and inspect element (F12)
    2. Go to Network tab.
    3. Select the long populating urls endign in ts. These would display as random alpha numerics. But you will see MULTIPLE OF THE SAME. Thats how you know its the right one.
    4. when you click the name, select header tab under the new menu that displays.
    5. Copy the Request URL:
    6. Paste and go in a new tab and the video will download as a .ts file. This can be opened with windows movie player. YOu can probably convert into an .mp4 if you prefer.

  2. Thanks for sharing this alternate method. I tried it, and it works like you described. I just want to note (for anybody else that reads this) that you have to make sure to let the video run, before you can start looking for the ts files; I stopped the video, and couldn’t find any at first. Once I unpaused the video though the rest was easy.

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